Friday, April 11, 2008

CSS Scrolling Text

1. Letakkan CSS di bawah ini di antara tag <HEAD>

<style type="text/css">
#mycustomscroll2 {
/* Typical fixed height and fixed width example */
width: 550px;
height: 550px;
overflow: auto;
/* IE overflow fix, position must be relative or absolute*/
position: relative;
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px;

2. Letakkan code di bawah ini di antara tag <BODY>

<div id='mycustomscroll2' >
<table width="90%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="10" align="left">
<tr><td gt;<strong>Terms and Conditions</strong></td></tr>
<strong>$500 minimum order</strong><br />
12pc/min per style, 6pc/min per color<br />
average production turn around time is 4-8weeks<br />
Coral Reef garments are custom made for all customers (sorry no generic stock available!)<br />
Aggro Pacific requires a 20% commitment deposit before processing any order, 80% balance is due when goods are ship ready. Commitment deposits are non refundable once production has started.<br /><br />

<strong>Payment methods:</strong><br />
Company checks/ chasiers check/ bank wire/ major credit cards (amex, visa, mastercard) are all accepted<br />
Major corporate accounts,: (Deposits and payment methods negotiable)<br /><br />

<strong>Name Drop policy:</strong><br />
All name drop orders placed with Aggro Pacific are custom cut and sewn to order.<br />
Minimum: 48pcs per design per color<br />
Minimum: 24pcs per body style<br />
A 40% deposit is required for name drop orders to be processed.<br /><br />

<strong>Custom silkscreening & Embroidery services:</strong><br />
<strong>Art work set up fees:</strong><br />
A One time fee of $20 per original design (includes up to a 2 color images for silkscreen or emb.) or any of our Coral Reef generic designs.<br />
Logos, names and art work must be provided in pdf format.<br /><br />

<strong>Silkscreen & Embroidery production:</strong><br />
A minimal fee of $1.00 will be applied to allgarments with custom name drop/logo.<br />
***choose any of Coral Reef's generic design and we will name drop under existing art work to customize your garment.<br /><br />

<strong>Custom labeling:</strong><br />
Aggro Pacific also specializes in custom hang tags and label production<br />
Minimum order hang tags: 1000pcs<br />
Minimum order satin labels: 1000pcs<br />
Minimum order woven labels: 3000pcs<br />
Logos, names and art work must be provided in pdf format<br /><br />

<strong>Return policy:</strong><br />
all damages must be reported via fax or email within 10days upon receipt of order. All goods returned to Aggro Pacific must have RA numbers assigned by Aggro Pacific before returns will be accepted. Defective items will be credited back as well as shipping charges for the returned within 30days.<br /><br />

<strong>Shipping shortages:</strong><br />
Any goods missing from the packing list enclosed with your shipment must be reported immedietely to Aggro Pacific within 7 days.<br />

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